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At The Bike Shop, we feel that proper maintenance is essential to making your bike a joy to ride. We offer a full range of service on any bike. No repair is too small or too big for us to handle. Call us at (213)627-0580 for pricing on your next repair job.Need a quick fix, flats, new tires, breaks or gear adjustments maybe a safety check, just drop in the the shop and get your bike tuned!


Tune-Up Package $60

Recommended: Every year (or every 1,700 miles) lubrication and precision adjustment keep your bike ready to ride. This tune up is to ensure that all components are tuned and working properly

  • Adjust derailleurs, shifters, brakes, hubs, bearings and headset
  • True front and rear wheels
  • Lube chain, cables and external moving parts
  • Check and tighten all bolts/nuts
  • Light Cleaning
  • Inspect frame and fork for damage
  • Test ride for shifting and braking performance, as well as noises

Fixed Gear / Single Speed Tune-up $35

  • True both wheels
  • Adjust front and rear brakes
  • Clean and inspect front and rear hubs
  • Clean and inspect bottom bracket (if applicable)
  • Adjust and tighten headset
  • Tightening all other bolts
  • Lubing/light cleaning of entire bike
  • Inflate tires to proper pressure

Complete Overhaul Package $100

Recommended: Every other year (or every 2,500 miles) Complete Overhaul* Thorough inspection, disassembly, cleaning, lubrication, reassembly and adjustment of most major components including bearing systems. includes All of the services in the tune-up Package

Also includes the following:

  • Overhaul headset with new ball bearings where applicable
  • Overhaul front and rear hubs with new ball bearings where applicable
  • Overhaul bottom bracket with new ball bearings where applicable
  •   Deep cleaning of frame, fork, and wheels
  • All four cables included with housing
  • Mechanic test drive when finished

Fixed Gear Conversion:

Prices vary depending on parts installed. Take your old 10-speed, and turn it into a slick new single-speed, fixed gear or free-Wheel. It will make your old ride like new!

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Bicycle Safety Check $25

  • Check and adjusting gears,
  • Check and adjusting brakes,
  • Check and inflating tires.
  • Check and tightening all nuts and bolts,
  • We will also advise you if any parts need replaced

Custom Wheels

Wheel truing and custom wheel builds At The Bike Shop, we offer complete range of custom wheel builds. Rebuilds are available as well as brand new builds for all applications. We offer a variety of rims and hubs from Phil wood, Shimno, DT Swiss, Velocity, Durace and more! All wheel work is done using quality Park Tools and DT and Wheelsmith spokes. Call us for a quote.

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Clean and Lube $25

Keep your bicycle running like new and avoid costly repairs. Regular lubrication and cleaning of your bicycle is necessary to keep your machine running well. If you do not have the time, place, or energy to do the dirty work, let us do it for you.

Package Includes

- Wipe down of frame and drive train, deep cleaning 
- Lubrication of drive train, derailleurs, derailleur cables, brake pivots, brake cables, pedals, suspension fork upper legs, and other parts that require lubrication based on the bicycle.
- Air up tires


Drive Train Cleaning $40

Package Includes

- Removal of chain, cassette, front & rear deraileur, and cranks.
- Cleaning of parts in bio-solvent tank.
- Re-installation and adjust of parts.
- Includes new derailleur cables and housings.