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Maestros Mobile Bike Service

Maestros Mobile Bike Service service offers a complete line of mobile bike services and repairs to provide you with performance, fun and reliability. We are a fully equipped Mobile Bicycle Shop on wheels with the capacity for on-site service at your home office or work, with pick-up and return for more involved jobs. We perform all jobs from small to large such as tune-ups, adjustments, up-grades, over-hauls, maintenance and wheel truing, with a full line of parts and accessories.


Tune-Up Package $65

Recommended: Every year (or every 1,700 miles) lubrication and precision adjustment keep your bike ready to ride. This tune up is to ensure that all components are tuned and working properly

  • Adjust derailleurs, shifters, breaks, hubs, bearings and headset
  • True front and rear wheels
  • Lube chain, cables and external moving parts
  • Check and tighten all bolts/nuts
  • Light Cleaning
  • Inspect frame and fork for damage
  • Test ride for shifting and braking performance, as well as noises

Complete Overhaul Package $85

Recommended: Every other year (or every 2,500 miles) Complete Overhaul* Thorough inspection, disassembly, cleaning, lubrication, reassembly and adjustment of most major components including bearing systems. includes All of the services in the tune-up Package

Also includes the following:

  • Overhaul headset with new ball bearings where applicable
  • Overhaul front and rear hubs with new ball bearings where applicable
  • Overhaul bottom bracket with new ball bearings where applicable
  • Intensive cleaning of frame, fork, and wheels
  • Install new cables and housing

Bicycle Safety Check $25

Also good for older bicycles that have not had a tune-up for a while -Cables and housing included

  • Check and adjusting gears,
  • Check and adjusting brakes,
  • Check and inflating tyres.
  • Check and tightening all nuts and bolts,
  • We will also advise you if any parts need replaced